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Happening in New Harmony Presbytery
(All meetings by ZOOM,
unless otherwise noted.)
Committee on Preparation for Ministry -
January 10, 9:45 am.
South Carolina Executive Presbyters - January 10, 10:30 am.
Committee on Ministry - January 11, 2:00 pm.
Grand Strand Area Lunch - January 13, 12 pm, El Cerro Grande.
Sumter Area Lunch - January 17, 12:30 pm, Willie Sue's Restaurant.
Cheraw Area Lunch - January 20, 12 pm, River's Edge.
New Harmony Presbytery's Office Hours - Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm.
Some Presbytery Staff are working at the office and some at home. Therefore, it is best that you first contact them by way of the Presbytery number, choosing the appropriate extension or by emailing them.


Digest of November 2021
103rd Stated Meeting of New Harmony Presbytery
The Presbytery of New Harmony held its 103rd Stated Meeting, November 16, 2021, by ZOOM. Moderator Rhett Talbert called the meeting to order with prayer. A quorum was declared. Special Rules of Order for electronic meetings were reviewed and adopted and any Standing Rules which contradicted them were suspended. The Docket and Omnibus Motion were adopted. First-time Ruling Elders were welcomed. Corresponding members were welcomed and seated.
The worship service was led by Rev. Joshua Jang, Pastor, Korean American Presbyterian Church, Sumter. The service included the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper. The service is also available for viewing on www.newharmonypres.org.
Presbytery took the following actions:
  • Received from Ruling Elder Commissioners, Good News Happenings in their respective congregations.
  • Received the Stated Clerk Report, which included, entering the names of the now dissolved Friendfield Presbyterian Church, for the period of one year, into the rolls of the Presbytery of New Harmony; a reminder that a ZOOM officer training will be held on Saturday, November 20, 9 am, a reminder that Statistical Reports are due from December 3rd, 2021, through February 10, 2022; the annual review of session minutes for 2021; and there was a 2021 Commissioner Balance of 77 Ruling Elders and 76 Teaching Elders.
  • Received the Guiding Council Report and approved Recommendations, which included electing to the Committee on Representation and Nominations Rev. Frank Holsclaw, Brooks Peterson, Gina Staton, and Rev. Rodney Foster; conducting the first reading of the Proposed 2022 Budget, and a one dollar increase to Per Capita; a new Covenant for Discernment and Mutual Understanding (on second reading); the recommendations from the Goal and Staff Design Recommending Team; (see attachment) and electing the Executive Presbyter Nominating Committee made up of no more than nine and included Mary Kendall Bittle (Kingston, Conway), Rev. Ashley Cheek (FPC-Hartsville), Sheryl Davis (Westminster), Delcia Harper-Baxter (New Harvest, Florence), Robert Johnson (G.W. Long, Cheraw) Rev. Jenni Marshall (Georgetown P.C.), Dorothy McBride (Second, Sumter), Jackie Rembert (Ebenezer, Dalzell), Rev. Nathan See (FPC-Myrtle Beach).
  • Received a report from the Committee on Representation and Nominations and approving electing persons to fill vacancies in committees and councils of the Presbytery.
  • Received a report from the Committee on Ministry which included introduction of Rev. Don McCann and Rev. Dan Sansbury, who are joining New Harmony Presbytery from Salem and Foothills Presbyteries respectfully.
  • Reports were also received from Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Administrative Commissions for Camp Pee Dee, Friendfield, John Calvin, and New Harvest Presbyterian Churches.
Following announcements and thanks, the meeting was adjourned with prayer.



(In broad ways, the Mission Statement guides NHP

In doing what God calls us to do as the people of God.)

New Harmony is a Presbytery that…

  • Nurtures togetherness with resources for addressing issues of the 21st century;
  • Walks alongside its pastoral leaders with care, equipping and encouraging faithfulness, growth, and creativity; and
  • Supports, encourages, and promotes racial equality, social justice, and all forms of diversity within worship and ministry.



(This is how NHP will focus efforts and resources in order to accomplish its Mission.)

  • Engaging in new and creative ministries, as we live out of (not on) Presbyterian and Christian traditions.
  • Embracing and being empowered by our diversity (connecting).
  • Discovering, highlighting, celebrating and utilizing the various resources in our midst.


A new slogan which is commended to all in NHP!

“We trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us, instead of relying mainly on what we think we know.”

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