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Happening in New Harmony Presbytery
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unless otherwise noted.)
General Assembly Meeting - June 18 - July 9.
Committee on Preparation for Ministry - July 11, 9:45 am.
Committee on Ministry - July 12, 2 pm.
New Harmony Presbytery's Office Hours - Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm.
All Presbytery Staff are working at home (see announcement below). Therefore, it is best that you first contact them by way of the Presbytery number, choosing the appropriate extension or by emailing them.?


New Harmony Presbytery:
We want to thank you for all of the prayers, engagement, and financial gifts you and your congregation have shared in support of the church’s work with partners serving Ukrainian refugees in eastern Europe. Let us continue to be generous in all ways!
Many years ago, Gavin had the opportunity to visit Ukraine, in particular Kyiv; Ukrainians are a lovely people and their country is beautiful. Along with all of you, we grieve deeply for what is happening and are so very angry about this unprovoked, illegal and immoral war by an evil, brutal dictator causing so much death and destruction.
As you know, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is one of the three ministries supported by gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS). Funds for initial solidarity grants with our partners were funded through OGHS gifts. Please give generously to OGHS!
To date Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has sent support to several of our reformed and orthodox partners who are working with national and local churches:
  • Community of St. Egidio in Ukraine – working in western Ukraine
  • Hungarian Reformed Church Aid – western Ukraine & Hungary
  • Hungarian Interchurch Aid – Ukraine & Hungary
  • Lutheran World Federation - Poland
  • International Orthodox Christian Charities – Romania
Here are some helpful links, most of which have been shared in THIS WEEK:
Also attaching a few resources:
  • A promo graphic for the March 23rd webinar
  • Two versions of a bulletin insert (one in color and one black & white) that you may find helpful as your congregation makes connections between this crisis and the worldwide reach of gifts to the OGHS.
  • A few photos you may use. Please note, the owners of these photos do have copyright restrictions. They may be used online or in print as long as they are in reference to the work PDA is doing. The photo credit is in the file name.
Let us close with a prayer by the Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:
God of mercy, justice and peace:
Our spirits are heavy with sorrow, our souls shocked
At the sudden and breathtaking violence,
the invasion of Ukraine by their neighbor, Russia.
We pray for lives caught in the grip of war,
who hear the bombs in the night,
the ominous movement of troops on the road into town
the whistle of incoming shells,
for a cry from a desperate neighbor or a shout of warning.
For those who huddle in subways and basements
or flee for the borders, clutching their children’s hands.
We pray for families separated from fathers, brothers and sons
who must remain to fight and protect their homeland.
We pray for neighbors in Eastern and Central Europe
As their hearts and doors open to these refugees
That strained resources will become an abundance of hope
That fears and struggles with racism will yield
to a generosity of profound welcome.
That communities of faith within Ukraine will be protected from harm
and sustained in their efforts to feed and shelter their neighbors.
That peacemakers and protesters in Russia will be heard and their lives reserved.
May we undergird our prayers with tangible resources to help.
May we reach deeply, give generously, and welcome extravagantly.
May we lift our voices in a strong and unified advocacy.
May we all, even as we breathe in lament, breathe out mercy, hope and peace.
And in this Lenten season, when we walk the way toward death and resurrection, repent our complicity in cultures of violence and renew our efforts toward justice and peace.
In the strong name of Jesus. Amen.
Let us continue to be in prayer for President Biden and other NATO and world leaders as we unite against tyranny and injustice.
Let us continue to be in prayer for the Ukrainians, knowing the atrocities they are enduring at the hands of an evil dictator.
And let us be in prayer for, mindful of, and responsive to the many others who are also suffering atrocities:
Uyghurs and other mostly-Muslim ethnic groups suffering genocide in China;
Afghans at hands of the Taliban;
Myanmar people under military junta;
the people of Darfur, Chad, Ethiopia in the midst of civil war;
Columbians in the midst political violence; and
Mexicans in the midst of a drug war.
Let us be concerned and in prayer for these and so many others who are in parts of the world and not daily on our TV screens.
God bless. Gavin and Ella
Your Transitional Executive Presbyter and Stated Clerk
Your Associate for Pastoral Concerns and Fellowship
New Harmony Presbytery


Digest of February 26, 2022
104th Stated Meeting of New Harmony Presbytery By ZOOM
The Presbytery of New Harmony held its 104th Stated Meeting, February 26, 2022, by ZOOM. Rev. Rhett Talbert, Moderator, called the meeting to order with prayer. A quorum was declared. Special Rules of Order for electronic meetings were reviewed and adopted and any Standing Rules which contradicted them were suspended. The Docket and Omnibus Motion were adopted. First-time Ruling Elders were welcomed. Corresponding members were welcomed and seated.
Rev. Christa Brewer, Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Beach led worship. Rev. Rhett Talbert, Ruling Elder Rachel Chandler, Rev. Dr. Ella Busby, Rev. Gavin Meek, Moderator Elect Dorothy McBride, and Margaret Rogers assisted in worship. The service included Installation of the Moderator and Leaders of the Presbytery of New Harmony. It also included recognition of Ruling Elders, who joined the Church Triumphant and Eternal in 2021, and a brief memorial for Rev. James Patterson Dickson. The service is available for viewing on www.newharmonypres.org.
Presbytery took the following actions:
  • Received from Ruling Elder Commissioners, Good News Happenings in their respective congregations.
  • Received the Stated Clerk Report, which included, the appointment of two Investigative Committees for different allegations of offense; the annual report of the balance of Ruling Elders and Ministers of Word and Sacrament; and other statistics about the make-up of the churches and members. The Presbytery had a net loss of 324 members in 2021.
  • Received the Guiding Council Report and approved a recommendation for the 2022 Proposed Budget in the amount of $646,630. Information was shared included reallocation of Presbytery Investments; Dissolution of the Friendfield Administrative Commission with thanks and appreciation resources on the Presbytery website, and New Harmony University. (Refer to “This Week in New Harmony,” the weekly electronic news, for more information.) 
  • Received the Committee on Ministry Report and approved recommendations, which included the release of Rev. Kyle Henderson from ordered ministry as a Teaching Elder/Minister of Word and Sacrament with thanks for his many years of service; the waving of ordination exams for and receiving the membership of Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler in the PC(USA) as a Teaching Elder/Minister of Word and Sacrament and member of New Harmony Presbytery, requesting her transfer from the Disciples of Christ. The Committee also reported the approval of Interim Pastor, Supply Pastor, and Commissioned Pastor Covenants for 2022 and welcoming Rev. Dr. Bob Brearley (Interim, First, Sumter) and Rev. Dr. Larry Hill (Bridge Pastor, Melina) to the Presbytery.
  • Received a report from the Committee on Representation and Nominations and approving electing Ruling Elder Kenneth Sharp to fill a vacancy on the Committee on Ministry in the class of 2024.
  • Heard presentations from Cultivation and Empowerment Committee, concerning the awarding of grants; Presbyterian Mission Agency, concerning the resources PMA offers to local churches and thanks for the Presbytery’s commitment to mission;  Presbytery Community of Florence, concerning participation in Sunday afternoon Vesper Services, and Union Presbyterian Seminary, concerning the celebration of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte’s 20th Anniversary April 8 Gala, April 9 Homecoming celebration.
  • Received written reports from Committee on Preparation for MinistryAdministration Commissions for Camp Pee DeeFriendfield Presbyterian ChurchJohn Calvin, and New Harvest, and Presbyterian Agency for Developmentally Disabled.
  • Following announcements and thanks, the meeting was adjourned with prayer.


Presbytery Office - Temporarily Closed
A week ago this past weekend, due to extreme cold, a water pipe cracked in the attic of the Presbytery of New Harmony office and it caused a great deal of damage. We are working with our insurance company and a restoration company on the cleanup and repair. As a result, Juanita and I will be working from home until repairs are complete, possibly for the next couple of months. To contact Juanita, email her or leave a message in her office voicemail box. To contact Gavin, as always, email him or use his cell (646-546-0522).





Saturday, February 26 - ZOOM

Saturday, May 21 - Presbyterian College

Tuesday, August 16 - Goodwill, Mayesville

Tuesday, November 15 - First Bennettsville



(In broad ways, the Mission Statement guides NHP

In doing what God calls us to do as the people of God.)

New Harmony is a Presbytery that…

  • Nurtures togetherness with resources for addressing issues of the 21st century;
  • Walks alongside its pastoral leaders with care, equipping and encouraging faithfulness, growth, and creativity; and
  • Supports, encourages, and promotes racial equality, social justice, and all forms of diversity within worship and ministry.



(This is how NHP will focus efforts and resources in order to accomplish its Mission.)

  • Engaging in new and creative ministries, as we live out of (not on) Presbyterian and Christian traditions.
  • Embracing and being empowered by our diversity (connecting).
  • Discovering, highlighting, celebrating and utilizing the various resources in our midst.


A new slogan which is commended to all in NHP!

“We trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us, instead of relying mainly on what we think we know.”

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